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In consideration of Japan Karate-do Hakuakai Australia Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

1. I acknowledge that all the information submitted is true and correct.

2. I warrant that I have a clean record, without prior convictions.

3. That while the Association will exercise all proper care in the conduct of its Dojo’s I will attend the same entirely at my own risk and neither the Association, its Instructors, servants nor individuals shall be responsible for any personal or bodily injury which I may suffer whilst at a Dojo of the Association. Further, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Association, its Instructors, servants and all other persons from and against all legal liability (contractual or otherwise) to me in respect of bodily injury and/or damage or loss of property, arising by any means whatsoever, including the negligence or default (wilful or otherwise) of the Association, its Instructors, servants or any one or more of them or any person for whose negligence or default the Association is or maybe liable or arising out of any defect, whether latent or patent in the equipment or premises of the Association. I the undersigned do hereby pledge that I will at all times obey the Rules and Regulations as set down by the Association.