KARATE Tailored for Ages 5-8 years

Kickstart your Child's Confidence!

Develop Discipline. Foster Relationships. Instil Concentration.


Kids karate classes ages 5-8 on gold coast

The Mon Programme

Kids Karate (5-8 YRS)

Our Mon Program (月) is tailored for students aged between 5 and 8 and introduces young children to Traditional Karate Classes. These classes will help students develop the foundations to learn later, tone, and perfect Traditional Karate skills.

We understand that to get to this goal, and each student must take their own path. We also understand that during the formative years of education, young children learn & develop differently to other ages.
Through this program, we administer the tools and provide the necessary knowledge to ensure your child’s long-term development. The Mon Programme allows us to instil Karate’s core values in a fun, safe and active environment. Our key goal for students who start in this Program is to better equip them for more advanced classes in the future and ensure they realise and develop their passion for Karate.


Our Karate & Kobudo Classes

Karate kid with instructor

Kids Karate

5 - 8 Yrs

Our Kids Karate Classes (Mon Program) is tailored specifically to introduce young children to karate and give them the tools and knowledge to enhance your child's long-term development.

Juniors karate class

Juniors Karate

9 -12 Yrs

Our Juniors Karate Classes (Junior Kyu Program) is designed to equip children with the imperative skills necessary for their training and everyday life. Junior students also have the opportunity to join our Leadership Program.

Teens & adults karate classes

Teens & Adults Karate

13+ YRS

Our Teens & Adults Karate Classes (Senior Kyu Program) allows like-minded individuals to work and train together while learning practical self defence and developing fitness. We also offer an Adults (18+) Program.

Kobudo class on the gold coast

Kobudo (Weapons)

9+ YRS

Separate to our Karate Programs, students can extend their knowledge through the opportunity to train with traditional Okinawan weapons in the art of Ryukyu Kobudo.