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ABOUT Shibukai Karate Gold Coast

At Shibukai Karate, our aim is to foster good, healthy and moral athletes through traditional Shotokan Karate and Okinawan Ryukyu Kobudo classes on the Gold Coast. Our classes respect the traditions and philosophy of budo, and focus on teaching self defence, confidence, fitness, and focus.
We offer karate classes and kobudo classes for students aged 5 to adult, with our main dojo in Maudsland, and students attending from Maudsland, Oxenford, Pacific Pines, Upper Coomera, Coomera, Pimpama, Ormeau, Helensvale, Arundel, and Southport, and surrounding areas.


Our Instructors


Do I need to be strong, flexible and in shape to join any martial arts?

Definitely not! You will become stronger, fitter, and more flexible when you join one of our programs.

How often should I attend a class in a week?

Ideally you should train as often as you can, however a minimum of twice a week is required to develop quality Karate.

How large are the classes?

We have many different class sizes ranging from 5 – 15, however we try and keep the teacher to student ratio at 1 instructor to 10 students.

What happens if I miss a class?

Due to the vast number of classes available, we encourage you to have a make up class whenever possible.

What do I wear to practice or train and where can I get them?

We have a shop through the dojo where all of your Karate uniforms and equipment can be purchased to make sure you get the right fit and size.

Karate Leadership Team Gold Coast Dojo

The Leadership Program

Our Leadership Programme is a well-designed addition to our karate school, enabling students who display emerging leadership skills or potential, to work together in an environment where they can enhance their abilities side-by-side. This Program also provides students with hands-on experience, both in Karate and Non-Karate related activities. This is an all-inclusive program, teaching students not only about leadership and communication within Karate, but making it transferable to their school, home and working lives.

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