Welcome to Hakuakai karate

We are a family-run, family oriented Traditional Karate Dojo. Our aim is to educate our community in self defence, develop high performing athletes for world-class competitions and foster a caring and kind community that allows families to prosper, learn and grow. Let’s get started!


We Are Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia

We are a traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate school based on the Gold Coast. Martial Arts teaches us to not only defend ourselves but, to respect others as well.  We train our body to be strong and mind and spirit to be patient, to become the best human beings we can be.  Karate is a physical and psychological endeavour, a way to develop a person as an individual. Everything we learn at our Karate School, should be applied to everyday life. Karate training is not always easy. Often times it can be very difficult and demanding. This is also true in life. If we can overcome obstacles in our training, it enables us to have a strong character to do the same in our everyday lives.

karate for all the family


Choosing the correct Karate school is important. Always consider the school’s accreditation and credibility. 90% of all Karate schools in Australia are not recognised as genuine authentic Karate. There are strict regulations to be an accredited Karate School. Most schools don’t conform to state, national and international regulations. This includes child protection, insurance and correct coaching and protocols for the protection and development of it’s participants. Here are some things to consider when choosing a school in Queensland…

1. What credentials does the Dojo Instructor have? Have they been trained and assessed by Japanese Instructors?

2. Are they directly affiliated to Japan? What opportunities are provided for students to train and compete internationally?

3. Are they affiliated to a state Karate body like Queensland Karate Association and the National Karate body Australian Karate Federation?

4. Is the Dojo endorsed by Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport?

Who Are We?

Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia Inc. is a Not-For-Profit association. The aim of our clubs are to foster good, healthy and moral athletes. Hakuakai Karate is based on a traditional Japanese style of karate called Shotokan, and our training classes respect the traditions and philosophy of Budo (武道) the traditional Japanese Martial Art. We are one of the only true traditional schools of Karate left here on the Gold Coast. It is a Sports form of Karate and a great way to teach your kids self defence. Karate will also keep your child active and focused. Traditional Karate is also a great way for adults to get fit and healthy. Hakuakai Karate is based on the Gold Coast, with students attending from Northern Gold Coast to Southern Gold Coast but majority of them come from these local suburbs.

  • Upper Coomera

  • Oxenford

  • Pacific Pines

  • Helensvale

  • MaudslanD

  • PimpamA


It’s important to stay positive, and look forward. Challenges are ahead, but our age of digital technology is really presenting some interesting opportunities to explore. Throughout COVID-19 restrictions we delivered;

  • Regular online Karate & Kobudo Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Sessions from awesome guest instructors