Karate is a popular activity for children at all ages, while many kids think of it as a fun way to remain physically active and meet new friends. Parents need to think more practically and understand what their children will learn in a karate class. However, there are a few things that the parents should not expect from these master classes. First, don’t expect a karate class to function like a babysitter or daycare. Also, it is wrong to presume that a karate class will turn their child into a violent nightmare.

Primarily, karate makes children actively engaged, making them learn some valuable life skills, in addition to the physical moves of self-defense and sparring. Karate teaches kids self-discipline that follows them into every other area of their lives. By learning how to center their physical and mental energy to focus on the task, they’ll not only excel among their peers in the class, but will also use skills to succeed in school, in extra-curricular activities.