Keep your kids engaged with our Online Classes with our Professional Instructors.

Through quality martial arts instruction and an inclusive and engaging learning environment, students develop physical and mental skills to positively face and conquer life’s challenges.

Keeping your family active and occupied can be difficult during these times. Book today… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Develop Your Child’s Mental And Physical Skills Through Safe – Fun-Filled Martial Arts Based Concepts And Games.

  • Introduction to Karate for children and their families and sets the foundation for future learning
  • Rich learning environment caters for children’s development through planned and spontaneous play experiences
  • Based on strengths, interests and needs of each child
  • Children learn how to control their bodies and focus their minds fostering positive personal growth and development

Through quality martial arts instruction and an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

  • Students develop physical and mental skills to positively face and conquer life’s challenges.
  • Our core values aim to develop lifelong relationships and to build future leaders who confidently and successfully serve the community.
  • Based on strengths, interests and needs of each child
  • Children learn how to control their bodies and focus their minds fostering positive personal growth and development

Having a activity that all members of the family can take part is a great way to improve your physical health and family bonding. 

  • Central to the program is the development of important Life Skills including a Success orientated mindset, Perserverance, Committment, Responsibility, and Determination.
  • The program focuses on the traditional martial art as well as sports karate, self defence, weapons, fitness, health and well-being catering to individual needs.


Karate Gold Coast – Japan Karate Do Hakuakai – now a Virtual Online School

We are a traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate school based on the Gold Coast. Martial Arts teaches us to not only defend ourselves but, to respect others as well.  We train our body to be strong and mind and spirit to be patient, in order to become the best human beings we can be.



Karate is a physical and psychological endeavour, a way to develop a person as an individual. Everything we learn at our Hakuakai Karate School, should be applied to everyday life. Karate training is not always easy. Often times it can be very difficult and demanding. This is also true in life. If we can overcome obstacles in our training, it enables us to have a strong character to do the same in our everyday lives.


Choosing the correct Karate school is important. Always consider the school’s accreditation and credibility. 90% of all Karate schools in Australia are not recognised as genuine authentic Karate. There are strict regulations to be an accredited Karate School. Most schools don’t conform to state, national and international regulations. This includes child protection, Insurance and correct coaching and protocols for the protection and development of it’s participants. Here are some things to consider when choosing one in Queensland.

Karate Gold Coast

Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia Inc is a Not For Profit association. The aim of our clubs are to foster good, healthy and moral athletes. Hakuakai Karate is based on a traditional Japanese style of karate called Shotokan, and our training classes respect the traditions and philosophy of Budo (武道) the traditional Japanese Martial Art. We are one of the only true traditional schools of Karate left here on the Gold Coast. It is a Sports form of Karate and a great way to teach your kids self defence. Karate will also keep your child active and focused. Traditional Karate is also a great way for adults to get fit and healthy. Hakuakai Karate is based on the Gold Coast, with students attending from Northern Gold Coast to Southern Gold Coast but majority of them come from these local suburbs.

  • Upper Coomera
  • Oxenford
  • Pacific Pines
  • Helensvale
  • Maudsland
  • Northern Gold Coast

I am a passionate believer that all children should be involved in martial arts, and afforded the opportunity to learn and grow. The discipline, respect, confidence, leadership, coordination, fitness and of course self-defence are all things that will stand them in good stead for their futures. Unfortunately, there are many instructors and clubs out there that are either in it for the money, think it is okay to belittle young children, don’t know what they are doing, and leave people with very bad experiences. This then turns people away and families never go back to this wonderful and meaningful pursuit. I am very fortunate to have been referred to Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia, under the expert and very professional leadership of Sensei Dhanesh Walatara, supported by his wonderful family. Sensei Dhanesh, clearly has his students’ welfare at the forefront of his mind, and has created a very supportive, family friendly environment that is focused on exceptional standards, and where the students are encouraged to do THEIR best. My two now teenage children, who have trained since they were 3, used to hate their previous club after sadly being victims of one of those very bad experiences, but since training under Sensei Dhanesh, they both absolutely love their training and their involvement in karate. I am very proud of how far they have come and the huge progress that they have made. The growth they have made in such a short amount of time is amazing. I would highly recommend Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia to everyone either wanting to train themselves as adults, but especially for those parents with children wanting them to gain the benefits that martial arts provides. Avoid the nasty experience and come to a truly wonderful club. I would most definitely encourage all those that may have had a bad experience to also come and see how all quality martial arts organisations should be run. I am sure you will feel as welcome as our family did. Thank you to everyone at Japan Karate Do Hakuakai Australia, especially the Walatara family. We hope to see more wonderful families join our Hakuakai family and watching all our students continue to grow and flourish. Oss

David Dobbie

Upper Coomera, Gold Coast

We can’t give Sensei Dhanesh or this friendly family club enough credit. Our children ( who are gentle types) had never tried any martial arts and were not even keen to start. We only started them because I had enjoyed the sport decades ago. After the first lesson our kids were hooked. They love it and have started competing after six months. The club is inclusive and has a wonderful family atmosphere. Everyone is made welcome. I even join in myself. Despite being rusty and having very little coordination I feel like I can join in and get fit with my kids whenever I can fit it in.The club teaches a good balance of the art and sport aspects of karate. Sensei Dhanesh takes the time to get to know every pupil. Each member is individually coached during the group training sessions. There is no aggression, arrogance or bad manners in this club. It is a club where people of all ages respect one another, care for one another and enjoy training tough together to get fitter, faster and stronger together.

Joanne Brown

Maudsland, Gold Coast

Great Dojo! We can’t fault it. They are genuine, honest and love kids. Their caring nature is fantastic. Teaching is second to none and Sensei Dhanesh has a very encouraging way of bringing correction. He reflects the true spirit of Karate and has a unique approach of teaching. We have been with Sensei Dhanesh over 2 years & we highly recommend his Dojo!

Alison Palmer

Oxenford, Gold Coast

A great caring family community dojo. Sensei Dhanesh is a passionate teacher who encourages all his students in a positive and caring manner. My children not only learn karate skills but have grown immensely in confidence and self respect. The classes are for all ages and skill levels which is fantastic. Highly recommend this dojo.

Lisa Barnwell

Upper Coomera, Gold Coast

Karate meaning

Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements. … The word karate is a combination of two kanji (Chinese characters): kara, meaning empty, and te, meaning hand; thus, karate means "empty...

Parent Expectations

Karate is a popular activity for children at all ages, while many kids think of it as a fun way to remain physically active and meet new friends. Parents need to think more practically and understand what their children will learn in a karate class. However, there are...


It’s important to stay positive, and look forward. Challenges are ahead, but our age of digital technology is really presenting some interesting opportunities to explore. We are now delivering the following through our virtual classroom:

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